The Sincer Group has started to commerce in the marketing sector in 1995, and has commenced in the sector of Rose Oil Production since beginning of 2000’s.


Having been involved in the conduction of many R&D activities, the main motto of Sincer Group is to be active in the sector to provide recipients as well as to promote the utilization of Isparta’s Rose, which still holds a great importance in world’s rose industry.


The Sincer Group takes confident steps in order to make significant increases in exporting to Europe and regional markets. The group has been continuing to its successful activities not only in Turkey but in the world by the strategy of passion and creating difference.


The success story of group throughout the 20 years’ is based on its positive energy as well as being innovative, progressive, brave enough prioritizing the consumers’ demands and share holders’ needs.


Production process of Rose Oil and related products at our factory located in Isparta, is both being performed according to food safety and quality requirements of Certificates of Food Safety Management System (TS EN ISO 2200) and Quality Control Management System (TS EN ISO 9001:2008) and also totally environment conscious by using appropriate equipments compatible to this intelligence made of 316 chrome materials.


In order to meet the expectations against increasing market demands and sale volumes, our factory was established on total 6000 m2 area of which 1900 m2 is closed with process capacity of 1100 tons of rose flowers every year and preferred to be at Isparta Industrial Zone.